Happy One Year Anniversary To Inkblots!

Anniversary 1

Doesn’t it just look scrumptious?

Hey Inkblotters,

It’s a wonderful time of the year at the moment as Inkblots and Typing Spots Magazine has officially been publishing content for one whole year! Although we did have a sneaky two months publishing breather, we have been organising content on a weekly basis for all our lovely readers for the past year, and we’d like to thank you for sticking by us, as well as our writers. So if you’ve been following our magazine from day one, week one or just yesterday, we’d like to personally thank you. It means a lot to us that we can publish our fabulous writers’ work, but it’s even better knowing that we have people who read their lovingly crafted poetry or fiction too. We’ll celebrate in style later, but you’re probably interested in what we’ve got in store for you to read this month.

August’s schedule brings many pieces from opposite ends of the scale. Readers will be pleased to know that Dice has written a sequel to Alex, so make sure to look out for “This One! An Alexander Episode” on the 5th. And since he’s such a great writer, Dice is featured twice this month with a piece about Writer’s Block – it’s comedic gold. We’ve also got some great poetry for you to get all teary-eyed over; one from our regular Haiku hero Blue-Eyed Devil called “You’re Home”, a touching story of a little boy, and another from writer Bobartles about a medical ward.

The Half Hour Challenge last month was ‘Serendipity‘ which proved to be quite popular among our writers, so we’ve got some stellar choices on the way for you reflecting that theme. But if you’re looking to write this month in our HHC, then make sure you submit a piece on the cute-as-a-button theme ‘Wishes‘. I’ve got something tucked away for this theme that I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time and, of course, we’re looking forward to receiving all your responses. Remember, you can send your entries into creativewritinginkwell@hotmail.com.

Thanks again to all our followers and have a lovely August!

– Silver, Inkblots Editor

It’s July And Inkblots Is Back!


Happy 4th July Everyone!

Hey Inkblotters, we’re finally back from our two-month break, have you missed us? Well, we’ve certainly missed giving you great content on a weekly basis to read, that’s for sure. And as July is setting up to be an absolute scorcher for a month – if the start of this weekend is anything to go by – then we’ve got some hot, hot, hot material to feast your eyes on. But before I get to the good part, there’s a few (possibly quite boring) bits the Inkblots team need to address first.

There’s been a few changes to the administration and editing team for our website, and as sad as we were to see Sparky go, he’s gone off to pursue his dream as a Maths teacher and will be starting his PGCE in September. He’ll still be around, but only as a writer not an editor. With Sparky gone, the position needed to be filled, and luckily Doishy was up to the job. He’ll be starting this month to upload and edit Inkblots’ content, and we’re sure he’s going to do a cracking job.

Another slight change to our regular content is with regards to The Friday Frenzy – although very successful, our writers also have very busy lives and sometimes a night out on the town is just too hard to resist! But the Frenzy hasn’t disappeared – we recognise a great concept, after all – so it’s had a bit of a name change and is now The Fiction Frenzy! The competition and its rules have changed somewhat as it’s now taking place either quarterly or tri-annually throughout the year – we haven’t decided yet! When The Fiction Frenzy does take place, however, it will be over the course of the third or fourth month, so you’ve got a bunch more time to send in those entries. We’ll update those details in a blog post further down the line.

We also have a new event taking place this weekend – short notice, we know – but if you remember back to our two-month breather post, we mentioned that a Review Day would be taking place in the summer. Well, summer is here and so is SWORD (Summer Writing Open Review Day) which will take place on Saturday 6th July, midnight to midnight. The aim of this event is to encourage writers to submit their work for review and return the reviews (or critiques) to other writers who have also submitted work for SWORD. This event is strictly happening on The Inkwell, so if you’d like to read more about it, you can do so here.

I realise this post is now becoming extremely long, and if you’re still with me, I’ve got to thank you with a virtual cupcake: *hands through the screen*. While you’re chomping that down, and before I finish my tea, Inkblots has seven posts scheduled this month. From some incredibly deep and emotional poetry from Lost in a Dream and Dizzy Dazzle, to some great and dark short fiction from both Fantasy Girl and Lumberjacktom. And last but not least, the HHC theme for this month is SERENDIPITY – as always, if you wish to enter this month just send your entries into creativewritinginkwell@hotmail.com. Remember, you only have half an hour!

Thanks for sticking with us Inkblotters, and we hope you enjoy our content this month.

– Silver, Inkblots Editor

Two-Month Breather for Inkblots

keyboards_wallpapers_39.jpgHey Inkblotters,

We’ve got some disappointing news to share today as myself and Lilith have decided to take a two-month break from uploading content to Inkblots. This is not to say that we will be staying away indefinitely – in fact, it means quite the opposite. We’ll be back in July to schedule content once more and you’ll be able to feast your eyes on inspirational fiction and poetry.

We’ve been uploading content for almost a year to this website, and although we love it, we’ve decided it’s high-time we take a break. Our personal and work lives are starting to increase on our free-time day by day, and it’s just not fair to our readers when you get sloppy content. We want to rectify this in our time off, so we’ll be sorting out and reviewing The Friday Frenzy as a monthly competition. No details have been set for the Frenzy yet, but we’re looking to hold it quarterly throughout the year. Continue reading →

Friday Frenzy – “The Orient”

The Orient is a spectacular and fascinating topic just waiting to be explored! Image Courtesy of http://www.sewandso.co.uk

Look at that Inkblotters, it’s our fourth Friday Frenzy! The monthly challenge has taken off with tremendous success and it’s all thanks to our writers that participate each month. We love reading your submissions and oh boy, do you make it hard for us to separate you all to choose a winner. So keep your entries coming in – details of how you can enter can be found here, or at the end of this post.

So, what’s in store this month?

Friday Frenzy Theme – The Orient

 April’s theme is considerably different to the ones we’ve had before (and even our half hour challenges). The Orient is something that I, in particular, find fascinating and I’ve never seen it fully explored within any of The Inkwell’s members’ writing. The East is exotic, intoxicating and completely foreign to our Western Culture. Continue reading →

Welcome to April (and its showers)!

It’s probably a good thing that most trees don’t grow like this, but it would be interesting…

Happy Easter Inkblotters, and we hope you’ve been as busy stuffing your faces full of chocolate as we have! Mm, delicious Easter Eggs…

Last month we gave our writers the theme “Mad as a March Hare” and they didn’t disappoint us with their responses, so you can expect some really entertaining reading this month, including the intriguing tale “Sophie in Wonderland” and a short but terribly sad tale about a rainy March day. We also discovered in our writing archives a lovely poem about a dormouse by our very own Silver, and much much more! The brand new Half Hour Challenge theme this month is “Idiocy”, and we’re hoping for a few April Fools stories to put a cheeky smile on all our faces.

Continue reading →

Friday Frenzy – “Just One Day”

How could one day change your life?

Hello Inkblotters, and welcome to this, our third Friday Frenzy!

This time the theme for the challenge of “Just One Day”, and I hope you’re ready to get writing.

How can the events of a single day change a life forever? Are those events global, affecting millions of people, or so small and insignificant that nobody will even notice the changes occurring around them? What kinds of days do we remember? Weave us a tale of the day that changed your life – or your character’s life – the most.

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Thanks to all our 200+ Followers!

Thank You InkblottersHere at Inkblots, we’d like to share a massive thanks to all you wonderful people who have chosen to follow this blog. We’re a bit biased here, but we think our writers are absolutely awesome, with all the icing and cherries on top. Really, this is why the Inkblots team even exists, as without their writing, we’d still be walking the realms of the no-content-weird-websites out there.

So, because Inkblots has just hit a nice milestone mark of 200 – and we didn’t properly celebrate 100 – we’re personally thanking all our writers for their submissions, HHC and Friday Frenzy entries, and of course, we’re thanking YOU the follower! Continue reading →

March – It’s all about the Bunnies!

They may be ornamental, but they are still damn cute! - Taken at Brigg Garden Centre

They may be ornamental, but they are still damn cute! – Taken at Brigg Garden Centre

Hey Inkblotters and welcome to March!

Spring-time may not be quite on the horizon yet, but there’s still been some lovely days where we’ve spotted sunshine leaking from those murky clouds. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – usually April is when we get those weird heatwaves – let’s talk about bunnies and chocolate and flowers and what else is there? Okay, so basically March is like Valentine’s Day, but with bunnies and we don’t feel depressed when we eat our Easter Eggs.

Last month, our Half Hour Challenge gave our writers a kick up the sleepy side and encouraged them to share their weird and wonderful Dreams and Nightmares, and they were excellent – or should I say ‘eggsellent’ – I know, I know, I’ll shut up. We did have some great entries though and a couple will be finding their way into our March posts, so keep an eye out for them. The theme for March is Mad as a March Hare, so we’re expecting lots of crazy and kooky entries to spice April’s content up. Continue reading →

Friday Frenzy – 22 February

This is something we were born to do, we survive.

This is something we were born to do, we survive.

Inkblotters, it’s time for another Friday Frenzy! From now on, we’re holding the Frenzy from 12am Friday 22nd to 12am Saturday 23rd BST/GMT so that you guys have extra time to submit your entry – good, eh?

If you’re unsure on the Frenzy and its rules, you can have a quick look at our Frenzy House Rules post, and get up to date on all the details.

Remember, if you want to submit your entry, please email it to creativewritinginkwell@hotmail.com before the competition deadline – if you do it after, we won’t be able to count it, sorry! If you’re submitting your entry from across the pond (Australia, America, Japan etc) and can’t remember what time it is in Britain then don’t worry, send it to us within the 24 hour time-slot from when this post was published. If you can headline your email ‘Inkblots FF Entry’, then smashing, it means you won’t get filtered into spam, and that’s definitely a good thing!

This month’s winner will be notified by email on Saturday 23rd and will have their entry (complete with image) published onto our site.

Remember, this competition also runs on our writing forum, The Inkwell, so you may be up against some awesome writers – don’t let that put you off though! Continue reading →

Lovey-dovey February!

We may not like V Day, but we love these cute cupcakes! Nom nom.
Image Courtesy of minkykittencakes.co.uk

Hi all and welcome to lovey-dovey February!

If you’re like us and Valentine’s Day is not your thing, then no worries, we have lots of written content this month which avoids all the chocolate, red roses and teddy bears. However, if you do like a bit of love poetry, we’ve got a wonderfully written sonnet by our blog administrator Lilith to get you in the mood – we’re posting this on Valentine’s Day, so make sure you stop by the blog or follow our twitter account @inkblotswriting to keep up to date with all our posts.

As always, we have a new Half Hour Challenge theme for the new month, and this time it’s ‘Dreams and Nightmares’. We’re looking for some awesome entries this month – remember, you can submit your HHC at any time of the month to our email creativewritinginkwell@ hotmail dot com – whether it be poetry, a short story, or something experimental, we love to see it all. For me, dreams and nightmares are closely associated with Freudian philosophy, but for others it may spark the innocence of childhood nostalgia, hiding under the bed or duvet from those utterly ghastly nightmares. Continue reading →