Happy Birthday Inkwell!

A note from Lilith

It seems quite strange looking back at that night a whole three years ago when I first decided to put the forum together. Not just because I was, fundamentally, a bored teenager trying to achieve something (and not really knowing what) but also because against all the odds, we are still here and stronger than ever.

I would talk for hours about this but I think my feelings can be more accurately summed up by Abraham Lincoln. 😉

Personally I want to say an extra special thanks to Silver and Sparky, who have been here basically from the start and are now my official partners in crime. They’ve done a huge amount for the community and more recently for this totally awesome blog. But obviously I want to thank all our members too. You guys are the reason we keep the website going, and watching you progress (and hanging out with you too) has been just awesome!


Written by Silver

Doorway to another world: Wooden in form and dun in colour – or the closest we could find!
Image Courtesy of Pinterest’s fantasy section.

This is not a tale about a door opening into a magical universe behind a wardrobe to meet a harsh white witch or a graceful lion, nor is it about a door swinging into a little garden, forbidden and secret, in fact, this door is entirely normal – wooden in form and dun in colour. There is something different about this door though, and maybe that’s what sets it apart from the others in those magical stories, and maybe it really isn’t; I guess you’ll know by the end.  Continue reading →


Written by Rob

Black ice: Beautiful but deadly.
Image Courtesy of valleynewslive.com

My car hit the water in a shallow dive. I’d always thought of water as a soft landing, but the car stopped like it had hit concrete. No matter, seatbelt and airbag kept things relatively comfortable. I’m feeling quite calm, which amazes me. The car is semi-floating in the lake but the front is sinking quite fast. There’s lots of bubbling and hissing of hot parts. I can feel the back-end floating up behind me, tipping me forward against the seatbelt. I have no idea how deep this lake is. Continue reading →

Try and Fail again

Written by Blue-Eyed Devil

Trapped: The effects of Agoraphobia can be socially and physically damaging.
Image Courtesy of austinkleon.com

His day started with the screeching of his alarm. Its incessant nagging roused him from his dreamless slumber in its usual reliably rude manner and he reached out towards the table to hit it. It clattered noisily to the ground, its cord yanking away and silencing the vile contraption. Breathing a sigh of relief, he slipped a foot out of bed and yelped, pulling the appendage back under the sheets.

Perhaps he should have turned the heating up before he turned in last night? Continue reading →

NaNoWriMo November

I think that says it all…
Image Courtesy of a meme generator (most likely).

Hello fellow writers, readers, readers of writers and NaNoWriMo enthusiasts! That’s the big thing, yes the whopper of a challenge, a commitment like no other (though there are ones that match it – Movember anyone?). Yes, it’s November and that can only mean: National Novel Writing Month.

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