Written by Silver

Doorway to another world: Wooden in form and dun in colour – or the closest we could find!
Image Courtesy of Pinterest’s fantasy section.

This is not a tale about a door opening into a magical universe behind a wardrobe to meet a harsh white witch or a graceful lion, nor is it about a door swinging into a little garden, forbidden and secret, in fact, this door is entirely normal – wooden in form and dun in colour. There is something different about this door though, and maybe that’s what sets it apart from the others in those magical stories, and maybe it really isn’t; I guess you’ll know by the end. 

T.I.M.M. is what we call the door. And it’s in everyone you will ever meet, though you are unlikely to see it. I bet, at least once in your life, you thought you were special. And you would be right to think so too, because we all carry T.I.M.M in our lives. It’s not a disease or a virus like the common cold. But it is something special alright; we call it our Telekinesis and Imagination in Mind and Matter. Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful, hence why we shorten it to T.I.M.M. When you go to sleep, T.I.M.M takes you into another land where you may feel different: taller, stronger, broader, braver, whatever or whoever you perceive yourself to be, that’s what T.I.M.M does.

For example, last night T.I.M.M took me on a wonderful journey where I sailed to World’s End, but instead of going back and being very sensible about it, T.I.M.M sailed me into space on my little rickety wooden boat, to catch a falling star. Normally, this would be impossible right? But that’s the beauty of T.I.M.M, you dream the impossible.

When you wake up, you never truly lose T.I.M.M, as many would expect. No, that door is never closed. Every time you lose yourself in a book or start to daydream, T.I.M.M lets you picture these images in your head and play them as a film in your head. You have the power to move images in your head without any physical force, to imagine three-dimensional characters in your mind and matter. And when tragedy strikes and you lose someone you love, T.I.M.M never lets you forget them either. Everybody’s T.I.M.M is different, but mine lets me see the ones I’ve lost every night by taking me to a star in the sky. I can choose the memory I want to re-live by catching that star and falling into a deep slumber where T.I.M.M finally gives over to R.E.M. And we all know R.E.M.

See, T.I.M.M never truly leaves you; that door is always open.

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