Happy Birthday Inkwell!

A note from Lilith

It seems quite strange looking back at that night a whole three years ago when I first decided to put the forum together. Not just because I was, fundamentally, a bored teenager trying to achieve something (and not really knowing what) but also because against all the odds, we are still here and stronger than ever.

I would talk for hours about this but I think my feelings can be more accurately summed up by Abraham Lincoln. 😉

Personally I want to say an extra special thanks to Silver and Sparky, who have been here basically from the start and are now my official partners in crime. They’ve done a huge amount for the community and more recently for this totally awesome blog. But obviously I want to thank all our members too. You guys are the reason we keep the website going, and watching you progress (and hanging out with you too) has been just awesome!

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