Three-minute reads – Haiku Selection III

These Haiku posts just give us an excuse to look for pictures of tea and biscuits! Mmmm… cream tea.
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The warmth of Spring is finally in the air! Here in the UK, we’ve had a sunshine-filled day, and it is more than welcome, what with having to battle a weird string of blitzing, wintry winds and (more than usual) lots of snow. Well, we didn’t get as much as Canada, but by heck we sure moaned about it. Hey, that’s what we Brits do best (unfortunately)!

So, with a spring in our step – and hopefully yours – we’ve got another selection of Haiku to bring you today. I’ve specially picked these three poems as they seem to tell a story, what that story is, however, you will have to figure out yourself. With many interpretations to seek, or gather, you have one minute to read, another to ponder and one extra to decipher – so get cracking!

Written by Blue-Eyed Devil


At highest hour,
Thudding chime synchronises
With my weary heart.


The drab features hide
Such sinister, sincere smiles,
Bearing blood-stained bourn.


Pure heavenly light
Fractures, turns to blossoming
Roses in the sky.

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