Friday Frenzy – 22 February

This is something we were born to do, we survive.

This is something we were born to do, we survive.

Inkblotters, it’s time for another Friday Frenzy! From now on, we’re holding the Frenzy from 12am Friday 22nd to 12am Saturday 23rd BST/GMT so that you guys have extra time to submit your entry – good, eh?

If you’re unsure on the Frenzy and its rules, you can have a quick look at our Frenzy House Rules post, and get up to date on all the details.

Remember, if you want to submit your entry, please email it to before the competition deadline – if you do it after, we won’t be able to count it, sorry! If you’re submitting your entry from across the pond (Australia, America, Japan etc) and can’t remember what time it is in Britain then don’t worry, send it to us within the 24 hour time-slot from when this post was published. If you can headline your email ‘Inkblots FF Entry’, then smashing, it means you won’t get filtered into spam, and that’s definitely a good thing!

This month’s winner will be notified by email on Saturday 23rd and will have their entry (complete with image) published onto our site.

Remember, this competition also runs on our writing forum, The Inkwell, so you may be up against some awesome writers – don’t let that put you off though!

So, if you hadn’t already guessed the theme from the – dare I say it – wonderful image I’ve created, then here it is:


Surviving predates back to the times when our ancestors worked out how to grind some sticks together to spark up a fire, learnt how to put together a device to catch aquatic life, and fixed that age-old square problem to create circular tyres. All these developments enabled the survival of our future, but have we forgotten these techniques in the modern world of computers, tablets, and android devices? Yeah, there’s probably an app that can make a fire, but let’s not think about that. It is something we all have in common with beasts, plants and foe: we learn to survive.

As head judge this month, I’m looking for an entry that either takes an unusual approach to the theme, or adapts the historical facts of our survival and takes a different perspective.

Good luck!

– Silver, Inkblots Editor

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