Friday Frenzy Winner – A Week Without Olly

Written by Dice

Could you survive a week without him? *sniff*
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You’ve been alone for a whole seven days.
You’ve not had much cause to laugh or play.
Without a friend to hold you tight,
Alone you braved the deep dark nights.

But now you are together once more.
Hug him close and hug him evermore.
For though you were brave and never lost hope.
You will never believe with what Teddy had to cope.

Teddy survived a journey exciting to tell.
An adventure full of trials and certain peril.
Alone in that park he couldn’t know what to do.
All he wanted was to be back with you.

He searched the swings, he searched the slide,
He searched the see-saw, and you he still could not find.
He searched the bushes and climbed the trees,
But you were not there amongst the leaves.

And when he had searched high and low,
He began to wonder where you would go.
Home was where you had gone.
And he would follow the road not matter how long.

He braved the dark, he braved the monsters,
He fought the dragons and he bested the robbers.
He swam the lakes he swam the river,
Never have you seen a faster swimmer.

In the end it was all to get back to you.
Hug him again and he’ll hug you too.
You called and Teddy replied.
A brave hero back at your side.

Because most importantly he loves you,
And you love him too.
It’s here he prefers to stay.
And tomorrow they’ll be plenty of time to play.

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