About Us

Inkblots and Typing Spots is a literary magazine specialising in content for young or aspiring writers. We publish content from writers and contributors across the globe, ranging from short poetry and contemporary fiction, to song lyrics and Haiku. Our editors source and schedule content throughout the month, hand-picking the best from a pool of written material, with the editorial post outlining the upcoming schedule at the beginning of each month.

Inkblots originated on a writing forum named The Inkwell, starting out as a side project to get members’ writing published on the web. Since then we have published an array of content with themed writing and solo pieces. Here on WordPress, we publish between six and eight pieces each month.

If you wish to know more about the team, you can click here, or if you would like to become a contributor please let us know, here.

Disclaimer: Many of the images on our site may be subject to copyright, and in each case, they have been fully referenced to the original owner or website. If there is no associated tag on our images, please assume that these are our own images. Some images may carry a standard Creative Commons license, these will be referenced to the original owner in full. 


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