A new month, a new challenge


As it’s the start of a new month – or shall we say, almost mid-month now – we’ve got a new half hour challenge for our team of writers: Bubbles.

They are simple, playful and fun to catch and burst, so Inkblots thought it would be awesome to have a theme that evokes happiness. Of course and as always, the theme is intended to be taken in any direction the writer wishes, so we may just find a few surprises, whether they are bizarre, sad or uplifting.

Once again, we shall choose three of the best pieces to go up here, so keep your eyes peeled for them in the next couple of weeks.

– Silver, Inkblots Editor

Yayyyy bubbles!!!
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Lonely Hamster

Look it’s a bird, no, it’s a plane, but no wait – it’s a flying hamster!
Image Courtesy of Aviary.com

Written By Sparky

“Get your filthy paws off me you mongrel freak!”

Life had always treated Ulysses unfairly, not only had he been inflicted with a rather unfortunate parentage, everyone around him had constantly poked fun at him all his short life. See, there was something different about Ulysses. Something that he couldn’t hide no matter how much he wanted to.

Ulysses had wings. Yes that’s right, a hamster with wings. Impossible I hear you cry and well you may think so. However, the evidence is clearly there, either side of Ulysses’ small rodent body were two wings, covered in the same tan fur that kept him warm. This had been as big a setback as anyone could imagine, no-one would have anything to do with him. Even his own mother abandoned him soon after birth. He was a very lonely hamster to put it bluntly.

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The Recurring Nightmare

Written by Silver/Silvershadowfly

Forever searching: Ensnaring dreamers, ensnaring memories.
Image Courtesy of wiki.urbandead.com

Luring dreamers into Hell, he finds desires to ensnare.
Seducing his subject, controlling mind as matter,
spilling blood with tortured screams: he welcomes your nightmare.
Breaking – bones to build his pyre; consuming bodies in the flare,
he taunts the sleeper into disaster.
Luring dreamers into Hell, he finds memories to ensnare.

Memories to ensnare.

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Written by Lost in a Dream/xnicc

Golden horizon: The fragrance of summer, sun-kissed.

Harvest is past, summer is ended, And we are not saved.
Jerimiah 8:20

I stare longingly at the photo in the frame.
I remember the smells that coloured the scene
Salt, coconut, cigarettes–
The fragrance of summer, our summer.
Sun-kissed. Golden. Happy.
You, me and the horizon.
Encapsulated. Contained. Perfect.

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The Paper is a Stage

Written by Dice

Inspired: The Page is a Stage

There are many things to impress us in this world. The tall mountains that defy time herself and that let us stand and witness the shape of our world. From the rolling hills, the blistering deserts, the icy plains and the tropical forest to name but a few of the delights of this world.

There are many things to amaze us in this world. The great winding rivers who challenge the solid rock to block their route to the endless oceans, oceans that can make you dream of far off worlds. The oceans made the early dreamers dream, what could be beyond the impassable ocean, too large and too deep to cross. Of course today’s dreamers need not dream what is on the other side of the tiny oceans, it is but a boat, plane or a television away. But there is a new ocean, one where we may only paddle near the shores of our home.

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