The City of Koku

China’s Atlantis; the Lion City. Image courtesy of

Written by Lilith

Off the north eastern shores of the great continent of Silvera hides a marvel of engineering, a secret wonder which most only dream of seeing, and many believe to be nothing more than a myth. Contained within one huge air bubble at the bottom of the sea is a city, and that city is named Koku for the four brothers who built it. It is well maintained; fresh air runs through pipes that lead to the surface, and there are many ways to travel between the city and the world outside, though few choose to leave the security of their secret world. And the city itself is not just a marvel, but also a beauty. Tall, twisting towers reach up to the very peak of the bubble, and the glass of a thousand windows winks in the half-light; the only light that the bottom of the sea can get. Here, it is always dusk. Continue reading →


Written by Rob

We all like our personal space, but there’s a real bond between us too.
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Normally, we’re just too strong to entertain the idea. Although we like our personal space, and every one of us moves independently, there’s a real bond between us too. You can see it clearly at the edge of the group. No-one wants to be at the edge but, obviously, some of us have to. Anyone finding themselves at the edge tries to fight their way back into the throng. This causes quite a bit of tension.

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A new month, a new challenge


As it’s the start of a new month – or shall we say, almost mid-month now – we’ve got a new half hour challenge for our team of writers: Bubbles.

They are simple, playful and fun to catch and burst, so Inkblots thought it would be awesome to have a theme that evokes happiness. Of course and as always, the theme is intended to be taken in any direction the writer wishes, so we may just find a few surprises, whether they are bizarre, sad or uplifting.

Once again, we shall choose three of the best pieces to go up here, so keep your eyes peeled for them in the next couple of weeks.

– Silver, Inkblots Editor

Yayyyy bubbles!!!
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