Written by Rob

We all like our personal space, but there’s a real bond between us too.
Image Courtesy of lifeandhorses.com

Normally, we’re just too strong to entertain the idea. Although we like our personal space, and every one of us moves independently, there’s a real bond between us too. You can see it clearly at the edge of the group. No-one wants to be at the edge but, obviously, some of us have to. Anyone finding themselves at the edge tries to fight their way back into the throng. This causes quite a bit of tension.

There are always hot-heads amongst us. Mostly, they just dash about for a while and then calm down again. But occasionally, a hot-head will do his dashing near the edge of the group and break free. When they get all gassed up like that, we rarely see them again.

Strange things can happen if we get strangers amongst us. Some strangers are a lot bigger than us and have weird habits. There’s one particularly bizarre bunch who are really two-faced: one moment claiming to love us and get close; next moment turning their backs. This can cause congestion at the edge of the group, though it generally reduces the tension.

There’s a story being passed about that we’re struggling to make sense of. Apparently, hot-heads have been known to re-enter the throng by force. We know we’re strong enough to deal with this: we stick together, run for the middle and it all comes to nothing. But the combination of hot-heads and strangers can tear some of us away from the group. There’s talk of splinter groups floating away altogether! I don’t believe it. Where would it all end?

When the bubble pops: Separation from the pack
Image Courtesy of PsychCentral

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