Gone – An Alexander Episode

Written by Dice


Once you step outside the Room, you cease to exist. Are we just a puff of smoke? Abstract, fluid.

“Mr Speaker, would the honourable member like to explain why my idea of a takeaway from Jekies was scuffed so? He may do well to know that Jekies serves the best food in the Milky Way,” called out Alexys.

Alex laughed. Today, the Impossible Room had been made to look like the inside of the Palace of Westminster, and so they had decided that they should debate the question over dinner in the House of Commons. Alex, Alexys, Lexi and Zander were all dotted around the large debating hall. Lexi stood to answer Alexys’s question when a terrible shout came ringing down the halls of power.


Everyone went quiet and looked towards the large double doors. Standing in the opening was Alexander, his face white with horror.

“Jennifer’s gone!”

Zander stood very quickly, horror spread over his face too.

“Impossible!” he cried in response. “No one can leave or enter this place without you or me knowing.”

“She’s gone! I watched her disappear in front of me. It happened instantly.”

“Who’s Jennifer?” asked Alexys loudly.

“You best be joking,” shouted Alexander back at her.

“No,” replied Alexys quickly, surprised at Alexander’s angry reaction.

“We don’t know her, Alexander,” said Lexi calmly, backing-up her sister.

Alexander looked like he was going to react very angrily when Zander spoke before Alexander could even open his mouth.

“Alexander, they are not like us, they are not yet Alexanders. They cannot remember if a timeline changes. The only reason they are still here is because they’re in the Room.”

“Zander, you’re suggesting…” Alexander didn’t finish his sentence before he ran out of the room.

For a moment everyone looked at each other, then ran after Alexander. They chased him though the many corridors of doors. Being Westminster, the corridors were ornate with large oak doors. He darted down one corridor, then down the next, before stopping and opening a chosen door.

It was dark through the door, it was clearly leading outside to the night. The only thing that could be seen through the door was a flashing blue light.

He turned to face the group that had chased him.

“I’m going through. Zander, you’re coming with me. The rest of you are staying here.”

“Don’t be stupid Alexander, we may not know what’s going on, but we’re coming to help.”

“No,” answered Alexander shortly. “You are all to stay in the Room, if you take one step outside you will cease to exist.”

“Don’t be over-dramatic, Alexander,” commented Lexi. With a flick of her hair, she stepped through the door.

“No,” shouted Zander and Alexander in unison, but they were too late to stop her. As soon as Lexi took one step over the threshold she vanished.

“Lexi!” screamed Alexys who tried to follow. Alex had to hold her back.

“I’m sorry Alexys, but you must stay here, the Room is keeping you two in existence. Jennifer was the one who had the idea to bring you here, and with her gone, so should you two. Stay here, we will bring both Jennifer and Lexi back,” explained Zander sorrowfully. He looked at Alexander and the two of them stepped through the door, closing it behind them.

Through the door Alexander and Zander stepped into rain. They looked around. They were on a London street of terraced houses, all of them with the lights off, the street lights were off too. Further down the road, there was a large crowd bathed in flashing blue lights from police cars.

Alexander and Zander rushed over. Everyone had gathered round a ruined house, half the side wall on the top floor was missing. Alexander stared in horror.

“Zander,” he said suddenly, “that’s Jennifer’s flat. The top floor is her flat.”

He rushed over to the nearest policeman.

“Officer! What happened here?”

“Please move along sir, a statement will be released in due time.”

“Please!” implored Alexander, “this is my friend’s flat, please tell me she is OK!”

The policeman hesitated for a moment before sighing and then spoke.

“I’m sorry sir, no one in the building survived. It’s believed to be a gas leak. I’m sorry.”

A serious entry into the Alexander series for Dice this time, but it’s a crucial one all the same. “Gone” marks Dice’s third entry in the Alexander series to be published here on Inkblots. You can find “Alex” and “This One! An Alexander Episode” in the title links – they’re comedy sci-fi gold! 

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