The Paper is a Stage

Written by Dice

Inspired: The Page is a Stage

There are many things to impress us in this world. The tall mountains that defy time herself and that let us stand and witness the shape of our world. From the rolling hills, the blistering deserts, the icy plains and the tropical forest to name but a few of the delights of this world.

There are many things to amaze us in this world. The great winding rivers who challenge the solid rock to block their route to the endless oceans, oceans that can make you dream of far off worlds. The oceans made the early dreamers dream, what could be beyond the impassable ocean, too large and too deep to cross. Of course today’s dreamers need not dream what is on the other side of the tiny oceans, it is but a boat, plane or a television away. But there is a new ocean, one where we may only paddle near the shores of our home.

There are many things to astound us outside this world. The unknown of space is never-ending and today’s dreamers can look out to the stars and dream. We can watch people we know stand on the dusty landscape of a far off world that most only glowing in the night sky. We can watch the pictures of vast landscapes of a neighbouring planet. We look out towards the endless sky and imagine what wonders lay beyond stars we see at night.

There are many beings on this world that astonish us. From the blue whale with its enormous size and majesty, down to the smallest birds and insects who can fly! But we ourselves astonish us more than any other. We can fly, communicate, sing and dance. Some can run faster than the rest, some can leap great distances and throw even further. Maybe even more amazing are those who can do the same and more, while denying the so-called limits of disability.

There is more that we do that overwhelms even the best of us. The show of care and hints of kindness that we can all show if we just tried. We can laugh and bring happiness to those around us. And best of all we can love.

There are many things that can scare us in the world. The smallest spider that crawls across our arm. The large shark with its razor-sharp teeth. The fear of the unknown and the darkness beyond affects all of us at times.

There are two things that an author fears more than any other. Sometimes they come separately and we can handle them, but when they come together it can make the most prolific writer fear his or her own pen. But we should not fear when we face a Writer’s Block and a dreaded blank piece of paper, just look to our world. The things that impress, amaze, astound, astonish and overwhelm us, look at the things that scare us and best of all look to your imagination. Within all of us, it is something that nothing can top, whole new worlds, places, creatures and people could live within your very mind. The blank paper is nothing to fear, it is a stage for the show taking place in your mind, so let it perform!

Breathtaking: The blue whale dazzles mankind in its home.
Image Courtesy of Animals Directory

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  1. […] Every time we read this short satirical piece, we can’t help but chuckle. Dice’s matter-of-fact storytelling gives it such depth despite its surface context. Texting is such an intricate part of our lives now that we can’t help but be influenced by certain emoticons, the amount of kisses to pop on the end of a text, and so on. The relationship between men and women has never been so complicated. If you enjoyed Dice’s satire, check out some of his other pieces including, ‘The Writer’s Block‘ and ‘The Paper is a Stage‘. […]


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