Fall or Fly

(Song Lyrics)
Written by EdgeofMidnight 

Observing: A row of ravens
Image Courtesy of http://www.natureali.org

The croaking of ravens,
The cawing of crows,
The wind whistling through the trees,
Lined all in rows.

This place hasn’t changed,
Since the last time I came.
The gravely path
And the grave with your name.


The mutters of strangers;
Their bitter words bite
Like the weather today
On this cold winter night.

They reach out to comfort,
But they just make it worse.
You promised me magic,
But I’m left with a curse.

Of loving you to the end
‘Til the tears turn my eyes red-raw.

My wings are too small to fly.
My heart’s too heavy to try.

Lonely nights: You promised me magic, but I’m left with a curse.

You were gonna teach me how to soar,
You were gonna teach how to ignore
the pain.
When days like this get in the way
You were gonna teach me how to smile,
You were gonna teach me how to live life,
But now you’re gone, gone, gone
What was it for, for, for?

My breath making clouds
That float up to the sky,
I used to be up there
But now I’ll fall or fly.

I’m not ready to
Be out on my own.
They think they understand
What it’s like to be alone.

Pacing past the tombs
There’s my space, enough room.

There’ll never be someone else,
My heart’s too broken to lie to myself.

We were gonna make memories,
I didn’t think you would leave
like this.
I never thought you would be the thing I would miss.
Remember when we first met?
A moment I’ll never forget,
Now it makes me cry,
But I didn’t think this would be why.

And I drag the days like the
Weight on my shoulders.

And I hold out for hope that you’ll be there
Around the next corner.

Do the stars shine brighter where you are?

Hope: Do the stars shine brighter where you are?

Does the light glow any softer where you are?

These feelings, I don’t know what to do,
Feeling sorry for myself and being jealous of you.

The cold wind starts to hold me back,
The touch of your lips and my voice starts to crack.
A heart spilt in two
Because I’m still in love with you.
The night, so dark and dim;
Their failed attempts of keeping me in.
So I can’t see
What this really did to me,
Balanced on the steep ledge,
Our memories on the edge.

I take a sharp breath
And jump up to the sky,
I’ll reach out for you
Then I’ll fall or fly.

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