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A woman’s descent into madness reflected in Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper.
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You know how it feels, don’t you, to be living life but it’s like a dream. A simple, serene picture can turn into the waking nightmare. Well, that’s what it’s like for me anyway, I don’t know about you.

The vines – woven through the complex trellis designs – no longer create an escape from reality, but a barrier, stopping me from running. And when I finally get through, the roots claw at my feet, the vines grip my throat and I struggle to breathe. I begin to panic, I’m alone and no one will rescue me.

But then I’m back in my living room and I still can’t breathe. The raging fire in the hearth on the same wall doesn’t thaw the ice that’s lodged itself in my soul. And the constant cheery chirp of the red-breasted robin, as it sits on the frosted branch, no longer makes me smile.

I’m lost, trapped in a sea of twisted vines.

No one will save me.

No one cares.

I will stay here, forever wishing the drooping branches of the willows would brush my cheeks again, like the kiss of an angel, but they only tangle themselves in my hair and refuse to let go. They wrap themselves around my wrists and stop me from moving – are they trying to calm me down, maybe? Trying to make me think rational thoughts? I scream.

But then I’m back in my living room, still screaming. The fire in the hearth doesn’t warm the chills that run down my spine. And the constant cheery chirp of the red-breasted robin, as it sits on the frosted branch, just makes me angry.

I’m lost, trapped in a world of fear.

I don’t want to be saved.

I don’t want anyone to care.

Heartbreak was written on behalf of a challenge set by Fantasy Girl’s college English tutor. The challenge was to write about heartbreak through language, structure, and form, without alerting the reader to the reasons for a character’s broken heart. Fantasy Girl chose to focus on one simple image of vines twisting in on itself in wallpaper – presumably, this challenge was set in response to The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Like Fantasy Girl’s writing? Make sure you check out Commune and Black Mirror.

Friday Frenzy – “The Orient”

The Orient is a spectacular and fascinating topic just waiting to be explored! Image Courtesy of http://www.sewandso.co.uk

Look at that Inkblotters, it’s our fourth Friday Frenzy! The monthly challenge has taken off with tremendous success and it’s all thanks to our writers that participate each month. We love reading your submissions and oh boy, do you make it hard for us to separate you all to choose a winner. So keep your entries coming in – details of how you can enter can be found here, or at the end of this post.

So, what’s in store this month?

Friday Frenzy Theme – The Orient

 April’s theme is considerably different to the ones we’ve had before (and even our half hour challenges). The Orient is something that I, in particular, find fascinating and I’ve never seen it fully explored within any of The Inkwell’s members’ writing. The East is exotic, intoxicating and completely foreign to our Western Culture. Continue reading →

Friday Frenzy – 22 February

This is something we were born to do, we survive.

This is something we were born to do, we survive.

Inkblotters, it’s time for another Friday Frenzy! From now on, we’re holding the Frenzy from 12am Friday 22nd to 12am Saturday 23rd BST/GMT so that you guys have extra time to submit your entry – good, eh?

If you’re unsure on the Frenzy and its rules, you can have a quick look at our Frenzy House Rules post, and get up to date on all the details.

Remember, if you want to submit your entry, please email it to creativewritinginkwell@hotmail.com before the competition deadline – if you do it after, we won’t be able to count it, sorry! If you’re submitting your entry from across the pond (Australia, America, Japan etc) and can’t remember what time it is in Britain then don’t worry, send it to us within the 24 hour time-slot from when this post was published. If you can headline your email ‘Inkblots FF Entry’, then smashing, it means you won’t get filtered into spam, and that’s definitely a good thing!

This month’s winner will be notified by email on Saturday 23rd and will have their entry (complete with image) published onto our site.

Remember, this competition also runs on our writing forum, The Inkwell, so you may be up against some awesome writers – don’t let that put you off though! Continue reading →

Friday Frenzy


Okay, now that the momentary bout of madness is over I shall lay out the details. As you all ought to have heard by now, the final Friday of the month is the Friday Frenzy.

Your challenge is to write a story of any length you want, taking as much time as you feel is necessary on the theme given below.

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The Friday Frenzy Competition Reminder!

What will this month's theme be? Check it out on  25 Jan!

What will this month’s theme be? Check it out on 25 Jan!

Hey Inkblotters!

This is just a quick note to remind you all of our new challenge for 2013, The Friday Frenzy. Now, as you might already be aware from this post here, the FF is something new, fun and creative to get your teeth into.

This Friday 25 January, our awesome forum admin and Inkblots editor, Sparky, will be stopping by to post all the details for you guys to enter.

For a quick and condensed reminder of The Friday Frenzy, check out the info below: Continue reading →