Friday Frenzy


Okay, now that the momentary bout of madness is over I shall lay out the details. As you all ought to have heard by now, the final Friday of the month is the Friday Frenzy.

Your challenge is to write a story of any length you want, taking as much time as you feel is necessary on the theme given below.

You have until 9pm this evening to post it on the Inkwell, our writing forum, or to email the piece to and I will spend the final three hours of the night reading through them and deciding which piece is to be declared the winner. That piece will then be published on here and the winner will receive the forum title Frenzy Writer of the Month.

Good luck to everyone taking part and I look forward to reading the pieces you submit. 😀


Theme: Natural Disasters.

I chose this theme based on the weather patterns in recent years across the world. They can be a source of pain but also some can bring about the best in humankind. I want to see your interpretations of the human spirit in the face of Mother Nature’s unbridled fury.

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