The Battles of Sir Fluffs

Written by RicardoCC

Sir Fluffs, we salute you!: We tried to find a bear with a blue shield, but we ended up getting the next best thing – Twilight Link from LoZ.
Image Courtesy of – go on, buy a bear!

The light of the full moon illuminated the bedroom of the small girl, who lay silently in her bed, tucked away under the confines of her quilt. With only her small head protruding, her shoulder-length blonde hair coated the majority of her bright pink pillow. Her button nose twitched, attempting to scratch at an internal itch without removing her arms from the comfort of her temporary cocoon.

“Good night, Sir Fluffs,” she whispered to a small, light brown teddy bear which sat upright on the pillow next to hers. A small blue plush shield was attached to his short, chunky left forearm and a blue plush sword in the finger-less hand of his right arm. The girl drifted off to sleep, a bright smile on her face.

A low tapping noise echoed through the room several minutes later. The noise came again, this time accompanied by an eerie scraping sound. The sound was interrupted by occasional bursts of laughter and chatter erupting from downstairs – where the girl’s parents seemed to be having a party of some kind. It came again, louder than before, and it only got louder. From the bottom of the girl’s wooden bed, three enormous lengths of grey, bony flesh topped off with black nails the length of a thirty-centimetre ruler, rose and wrapped around one of the four bedposts.

Following that, a long, thick and grey object resembling a moose’s skull emerged from the depths. In the light of the moon, it appeared to be a creature imaginable only in nightmares and fairy tales, with the features of creatures that even the bravest of men fear. Its eyes were where its ears should have been, its nostrils where its eyes should have been, and its ears were simply non-existent. It heaved, snorting as dust, filth and snot spewed from its grotesquely deformed nostrils and mouth. Its teeth glistened in the moonlight as trails of saliva dripped from its lipless mouth, each trail spreading out a wave of iciness, and freezing the floor to a temperature colder than the human mind can conceive.

The creature took its full stance, its back slouched so that it could fit in the room. Its full body was grey, as were its teeth and its eyes, with luminous yellow pupils in the centre. The beast’s spine partly protruded from its back, creating the image of spikes running down. It took its position beside the bed of the girl, where it held its enormous sharp claws just over the quilt.

“Still you use the covers as a shield,” the beast hissed in a barely audible and elderly tone. “But you leave your head exposed. Foolish girl.” The creature brought its long, bony arm back, opening its palm and spreading its nails wide, bringing it down in a furiously strong assault on the girl’s tiny head.

The beast’s arm shook, struggling. The nails stopped inches from the girl’s cheek, a small blue shield holding them in place. A tiny sword swung from the side, knocking the beast’s hand away from the girl, and sending the creature stumbling. Above the girl’s head, Sir Fluffs stood firmly, his blue sword pointed in the direction of the beast, his small beaded eyes bearing the love of a loyal child. His stance displayed the image of a loyal defender, ready to fight any and all monsters from the closet, from the attic, and even the ones from under the bed.

“Your days of harming innocent children are over, monster!” Sir Fluffs said sternly, bringing his sword back to rest alongside his shield, his fuzzy legs bending as he prepared for the first of many battles. “You chose the wrong girl to bully.”

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