A New Star Is Born

Written by Ashcloud

Beyond the horizon’s furthest reach,
Up above the clouds,
A star is shining bright and strong,
Within the dazzling crowd.

Although this glimmering star is one of many,
Although small, it is unique.
This young star, this love of mine,
Through the clouds it always peeks.

You watch over me in any weather,
Through storms and sunny days.
You remind me that my life is precious,
Unlike you I have found a way.

I have found a way to live my life,
So that yours shall not be in vain.
I have found a way to live my life,
So that now I can cope with the pain.

Ashcloud’s poem was written on behalf of a significant friend’s loss but is absolutely beautiful in verse form. Though it’s a sad turn of events, ‘A New Star is Born’ reflects on the life that was lost on earth and then given to the night sky. We think it’s perfect for Christmas Eve through its celebration of life and love. Have a very Merry Christmas on behalf of the Inkblots editorial team. If you’d like to view more of Ashcloud’s work, check out ‘Sleepless Nights‘ and ‘The Root of Insanity‘. 

Featured Image // Susanne Nilsson


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