Friday Frenzy – “The Orient”

The Orient is a spectacular and fascinating topic just waiting to be explored! Image Courtesy of

Look at that Inkblotters, it’s our fourth Friday Frenzy! The monthly challenge has taken off with tremendous success and it’s all thanks to our writers that participate each month. We love reading your submissions and oh boy, do you make it hard for us to separate you all to choose a winner. So keep your entries coming in – details of how you can enter can be found here, or at the end of this post.

So, what’s in store this month?

Friday Frenzy Theme – The Orient

 April’s theme is considerably different to the ones we’ve had before (and even our half hour challenges). The Orient is something that I, in particular, find fascinating and I’ve never seen it fully explored within any of The Inkwell’s members’ writing. The East is exotic, intoxicating and completely foreign to our Western Culture. If we get the chance to visit Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and so on, we take in all the wonderful aromas of tea and the flavours of splendid spices and food, not to mention the breath-taking vistas. So, are you ready to take on the challenge and transport me to The Orient?

To enter the Friday Frenzy, please send your submission, along with your name to You can also enter via our forum: The Inkwell – just sign up to become a member. Remember, you have from 12am Friday April 26 to 12am Saturday April 27 (BST). If your entry is considerably late, I’m afraid we can’t count it – so make sure you get in your entry to us before the cut-off point! All entries will be judged on Sunday evening, with the winning entry being posted on here later in the week.

And finally, good luck everyone!

– Silver, Inkblots Editor

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