Two-Month Breather for Inkblots

keyboards_wallpapers_39.jpgHey Inkblotters,

We’ve got some disappointing news to share today as myself and Lilith have decided to take a two-month break from uploading content to Inkblots. This is not to say that we will be staying away indefinitely – in fact, it means quite the opposite. We’ll be back in July to schedule content once more and you’ll be able to feast your eyes on inspirational fiction and poetry.

We’ve been uploading content for almost a year to this website, and although we love it, we’ve decided it’s high-time we take a break. Our personal and work lives are starting to increase on our free-time day by day, and it’s just not fair to our readers when you get sloppy content. We want to rectify this in our time off, so we’ll be sorting out and reviewing The Friday Frenzy as a monthly competition. No details have been set for the Frenzy yet, but we’re looking to hold it quarterly throughout the year.

We’ve also been thinking about The Inkwell’s forum activity and how we can create a better sense of community by hosting a review day. This review day will see various members take to the boards and read as much content as possible from other members’ work. It’s an idea we’re toying with and it will most likely come into action after July.

So, in the mean-time please stick by us, we really appreciate all the likes and follows on this blog. We’ll still be updating our Twitter page though, so if you follow us on there you’ll be able to see what we’re up to! Thanks for all your support, HHC and Frenzy entries so far, and we’ll see you in July!

– Silver, Inkblots Editor


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