September’s Content, Fiction Frenzy And Our New Submissions Page


Ready for the grind?

Hey Inkblotters and welcome to September,

It’s the start of the academic year for some of our writers and, most probably, some of our readers, but don’t feel glum as we’ve got a big sack full of lovely content to keep you occupied. For those of you who work like me though, it’s just another month at the grind. But that’s not all September signifies – for many it gives us the Indian Summer we just knew was in the weather bag, but this year Britain has had a ripe-old change of heart. We’ve had heat. We’ve had humidity. And now, we’ve got spider season – thanks Mr. and Mrs. Spider, you can stop scaring us now!

Ahem, back to what you Inkblotters really came here for: our scheduled content. This month, we’ve got an undercurrent theme running throughout our pieces, many of which were submitted for the Half Hour Challenge in August (we had so many this month it was so hard to choose just two pieces!) and many of which were specifically chosen because they were uplifting and had a big dollop of cutesy-pie on top. At the beginning of this month, you’ll find a sweet-tooth poem named ‘Fudge’ by yours truly, as well as some romance poetry from Blue-Eyed Devil popped in the middle. In terms of fiction, we have some great pieces like newcomer Hope75’s ‘Anna’ and writing veteran Rob’s HHC ‘Careful’, which has a moral to its message. There’s also a few more pieces waiting in the wings, so you’ll be spoilt for content this month.

We’ve also got a few announcements to make; the Fiction Frenzy is coming back… soon! We’re very excited to be bringing back the popular Frenzy as it really spurs, invigorates and inspires our writers. We’ve also got a brand new page on our blog dedicated to submissions, so if you’ve always wanted to enter into the HHC but have never sent us an email, well, now you have no excuse. You can find the submissions page, here. And last but not least, the HHC theme for this month is a wicked image to get your inspiration churning faster than you can say HHC! Take a gander at the image, here.

Have a great September!

– Silver, Inkblots Editor

Two-Month Breather for Inkblots

keyboards_wallpapers_39.jpgHey Inkblotters,

We’ve got some disappointing news to share today as myself and Lilith have decided to take a two-month break from uploading content to Inkblots. This is not to say that we will be staying away indefinitely – in fact, it means quite the opposite. We’ll be back in July to schedule content once more and you’ll be able to feast your eyes on inspirational fiction and poetry.

We’ve been uploading content for almost a year to this website, and although we love it, we’ve decided it’s high-time we take a break. Our personal and work lives are starting to increase on our free-time day by day, and it’s just not fair to our readers when you get sloppy content. We want to rectify this in our time off, so we’ll be sorting out and reviewing The Friday Frenzy as a monthly competition. No details have been set for the Frenzy yet, but we’re looking to hold it quarterly throughout the year. Continue reading →