An Ode To Low Self-Esteem


Even LEGO characters feel sad from time to time.
Image Courtesy of K. Alexanderson

Written by Rae-Chan

Did I make the right choice?
Yes, I’m sure I did.
… 99% sure…
Maybe I’m wrong?
Of course I’m wrong.
I’m always wrong.
That’s what they always say.
I’m wrong.
I’m stupid.
I’m inexperienced.
I’m stupid.
I’m wrong.
I’m stupid.
That’s what they’re always telling me.
I’m stupid so I should just listen to them, right?
If I’m wrong, they must be right.
And I am wrong.
I’m always wrong.
Did I make the right choice?
Yes, this time I’m sure I did.
… 99% sure…

Written in response to our Half Hour Challenge from February within “Guessing and Second Guessing”, newcomer Rae-Chan has completely encapsulated the feeling of self-doubt in the pit of our stomachs. It’s something that particularly pertains to the academic field; have you ever face-palmed after an exam as soon as you realise you’ve written the wrong thing? If low self-esteem has pulled you into its unforgiving spin, just think about Matilda. 



  1. […] What we love about Rae-Chan’s “Wings” is how freedom is represented so wonderfully. While many of us have freedom, children are often trapped by their parents rules, while adults are trapped by society’s rules. We long for the day those wings will be rewarded to us. Yet what we don’t realise is exactly Rae-Chan’s end message; we can fly high without them. If you loved “Wings”, make sure you check out Rae-Chan’s poem, “An Ode to Low Self-Esteem“.  […]


  2. […] A powerful message written simply here from Rae-Chan, but it fills us with such hope and delivers such impact in its short form. Rae-Chan’s best work is often found in succinct little gems of poetry, so we hope you love it just as much as we did. You can check out more of her poetry such as ‘Wings‘ and ‘An Ode to Low Self-Esteem’.  […]


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