NaNoWriMo November

I think that says it all…
Image Courtesy of a meme generator (most likely).

Hello fellow writers, readers, readers of writers and NaNoWriMo enthusiasts! That’s the big thing, yes the whopper of a challenge, a commitment like no other (though there are ones that match it – Movember anyone?). Yes, it’s November and that can only mean: National Novel Writing Month.

 Does it make you weak at the knees? Shake with fear? Or celebrate with a plethora of plosives, fricatives and oxymorons? However you feel about it, don’t worry as you’re not alone. I have continuously thought about entering, but unfortunately I have never followed this through. And I always make up excuses! My problem is I really dislike the premise of failure, but one year I’ll say screw it, this is it, this is when I make the commitment. Hopefully that year for you is 2012 and if it is, we’d love to hear from you. Is it your first year? Are you a regular? Why have you made the commitment this year, in particular? Whatever your thoughts are, be sure to post them below or contact us here or via our email creativewritinginkwell@hotmail dot com.

In other news, November’s Half Hour Challenge theme is WILD! If you’re thinking about entering, make sure you don’t go for the old hat clichés, you know, lions and tigers and bears… oh my! (Dorothy has nothing on my witty skills…)

In addition, but with no more terrible pop culture references, Inkblots has three more Half Hour Challenges to post up and a couple of other surprises, so keep your eyes peeled.

And as always, thanks for reading.

Silver – Inkblots Editor

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