Three-minute reads – Haiku

Our three-minute reads give you the perfect excuse to have a cuppa.
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A selection of three Haiku to enjoy over a brew and biscuit, which should take you approximately three minutes for each.

  • One minute to read
  • One minute to ponder
  • And one minute to decipher

For those readers who aren’t familiar with Haiku, they are a Japanese short form of poetry consisting of five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the final. Although we traditionally classify the 5-7-5 pattern as syllables, they are often referred to ‘on’ or ‘morae’ in Japan, which can lead to a different syllabic pattern.
Our selection of three-minute reads are below:

Written by Blue-Eyed Devil


My cool skin still yearns
Your ghostly lips sweet kisses,
Solace slips away.


Fire runs through blood
Eyes alight, fists clenched tight, yet
Screams remain silent.


Howl of havoc fades,
Beauty spoiled, with nothing left
The dead march back home.

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