Monthly Editorial – NaNoWriMo, Bonfire Night And November’s Content


Are you heading to a Bonfire/Fireworks display this month? Image // Aff Photography

Hey Inkblotters,

Welcome to National Novel Writing Month once again! This is the second time (I think) Inkblots has celebrated NaNoWriMo – so we wish all those who are participating in the event lots of luck! Do let us know if you are giving it a go this year in the comment section below. 🙂 Personally, I’ve yet to have a crack at it, though I assume I may do when life gets less hectic!

Aside from NaNoWriMo, we’ve got lots of content to offer this month under the theme of “Light”. An easy theme choice this month, due to the annual celebration of Bonfire Night from the thwarting of the Gunpowder Plot on the House of Lords in 1605. Tying in with fireworks and bonfires, the theme will also give our readers some light – excuse the pun – relief from October’s scare-fest theme of fear. Hey, sometimes it’s hard to refuse the need to be punny funny – oh, see?

With that said, content has had a slight change in publication dates for this month. Whether or not we’ll keep this format going forward is under consideration, but it does allow ample time for each piece to headline our mag for four to five days. So, on the 5th is Rob’s HHC ‘Coach’ written on behalf of last month’s HHC theme which was pumpkin. It’s a great little short, and we’d expect no less from the flash fiction expert. On the 10th, we’ve got an awesome copy-change poem from our very own Lilith, as well as some short experimental fiction from Terrestris Veritas and lyrics from x3naurus on the 15th and 20th respectively. Finishing up on the 30th is a poem from Blue-Eyed Devil named ‘Little Candle’, it’s a real delicate treat and perfect for the arrival of the Christmas season. And of course, there’s always more to come.

November’s Half Hour Challenge theme is currently running under the theme of Spark. We’re beginning to tie in our monthly HHC themes with the current Inkblots theme so as to allow for more cohesion and less confusion for our readers.

And to briefly touch on one more point before I check out for the evening, Inkblots Magazine has managed to reach 700+ followers in the past month, which is absolutely fantastic. When I started this literary mag, I never thought it would reach those numbers, but here we are. Thanks go out to all our readers and followers and, of course, our authors. Whether you’ve only been featured here once, or multiple times, we love your work and love working with you!

Have a great Bonfire Night, guys!

– Silver, Inkblots Editor


Monthly Editorial: NaBloPoMo And November’s Content


Get ready to spin those sparklers this coming Bonfire Night.
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Hi Inkblotters,

Welcome to the start of November – otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, and now National Blog Posting Month! The latter is a rather new phenomenon that started up in response to NaNoWriMo, for the busy-worker bees and the ones that prefer to blog once per day, rather than try their hand at writing a 100k novel. For the modern world, blogging once per day is much easier (I should think) than sitting down with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) every day to write a thrilling tale. So let us know if you’ll be challenging yourself with NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, or both this month!

For those of you who tune in to read the editor’s note, however, we’ve got some smashing content to bring you this month. And again, we’ve hand-picked November’s content in relation to a specific theme, so let us know if you spot it (the hint is in last month’s Half Hour Challenge). Kicking off the month in style is Bobartles HHC entitled “The Locked Room”, both sinister and comical. Next up on the 8th we’ve got new contributor Magnificent Mayhem’s poem “Residue”, which speaks volumes about the fragility of dolls. And we’ve also got Lilith’s HHC entry coming up on the 24th, detailing the six angels of death with some fantastic Hellish imagery. Of course, that’s not all we’ve got to offer this month, so keep checking back or follow our Twitter @inkblotswriting for all the latest enthralling content.

In other Inkblots news, last month marked the awesome return of the Fiction Frenzy under the theme “Trick or Treat”. There were lots of great entries, so it will be hard to decide a winner, but be sure to expect it around the middle of the month. Remember, the Fiction Frenzy will be held tri-annually throughout the year, so expect the next one between January and April next year!

November’s Half Hour Challenge was picked by Inkblots Editor Lilith and is certainly an interesting one. “Book of Secrets” should give you plenty of pennies for your thoughts this Bonfire night. Why not try your hand at writing a book of secrets for a character, presenting it in journal entries, or blog about it for NaBloPoMo? Make sure you send your entries into and label it as “HHC Entry” for your chance to be published in next month’s content.

Have a sparkling November, and keep warm during Bonfire Night!

– Silver, Inkblots Editor

NaNoWriMo November

I think that says it all…
Image Courtesy of a meme generator (most likely).

Hello fellow writers, readers, readers of writers and NaNoWriMo enthusiasts! That’s the big thing, yes the whopper of a challenge, a commitment like no other (though there are ones that match it – Movember anyone?). Yes, it’s November and that can only mean: National Novel Writing Month.

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