Lovey-dovey February!

We may not like V Day, but we love these cute cupcakes! Nom nom.
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Hi all and welcome to lovey-dovey February!

If you’re like us and Valentine’s Day is not your thing, then no worries, we have lots of written content this month which avoids all the chocolate, red roses and teddy bears. However, if you do like a bit of love poetry, we’ve got a wonderfully written sonnet by our blog administrator Lilith to get you in the mood – we’re posting this on Valentine’s Day, so make sure you stop by the blog or follow our twitter account @inkblotswriting to keep up to date with all our posts.

As always, we have a new Half Hour Challenge theme for the new month, and this time it’s ‘Dreams and Nightmares’. We’re looking for some awesome entries this month – remember, you can submit your HHC at any time of the month to our email creativewritinginkwell@ hotmail dot com – whether it be poetry, a short story, or something experimental, we love to see it all. For me, dreams and nightmares are closely associated with Freudian philosophy, but for others it may spark the innocence of childhood nostalgia, hiding under the bed or duvet from those utterly ghastly nightmares.

Other content in store for this month includes a third three-minute Haiku post, perfect with your cup of tea on a work break, and the chosen pieces of the HHC theme from January.

Also on the agenda, is the next Friday Frenzy, this time hosted by me and taking place on Friday 22 February between 12am (Friday GMT/BST) and 12am (Saturday GMT/BST). We’ve had a slight change to the times, given you guys more of a chance to enter the competition! The winner will now be chosen on the Saturday with the entry published on Inkblots the same day. Good, eh?

As you can see, we have a busy month ahead of us, so keep writing and we’ll keep posting!

– Silver, Inkblots Editor

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