Written by Silver

Doorway to another world: Wooden in form and dun in colour – or the closest we could find!
Image Courtesy of Pinterest’s fantasy section.

This is not a tale about a door opening into a magical universe behind a wardrobe to meet a harsh white witch or a graceful lion, nor is it about a door swinging into a little garden, forbidden and secret, in fact, this door is entirely normal – wooden in form and dun in colour. There is something different about this door though, and maybe that’s what sets it apart from the others in those magical stories, and maybe it really isn’t; I guess you’ll know by the end.  Continue reading →

The City of Koku

China’s Atlantis; the Lion City. Image courtesy of http://www.lovethesepics.com

Written by Lilith

Off the north eastern shores of the great continent of Silvera hides a marvel of engineering, a secret wonder which most only dream of seeing, and many believe to be nothing more than a myth. Contained within one huge air bubble at the bottom of the sea is a city, and that city is named Koku for the four brothers who built it. It is well maintained; fresh air runs through pipes that lead to the surface, and there are many ways to travel between the city and the world outside, though few choose to leave the security of their secret world. And the city itself is not just a marvel, but also a beauty. Tall, twisting towers reach up to the very peak of the bubble, and the glass of a thousand windows winks in the half-light; the only light that the bottom of the sea can get. Here, it is always dusk. Continue reading →


Written by Rob

We all like our personal space, but there’s a real bond between us too.
Image Courtesy of lifeandhorses.com

Normally, we’re just too strong to entertain the idea. Although we like our personal space, and every one of us moves independently, there’s a real bond between us too. You can see it clearly at the edge of the group. No-one wants to be at the edge but, obviously, some of us have to. Anyone finding themselves at the edge tries to fight their way back into the throng. This causes quite a bit of tension.

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The Paper is a Stage

Written by Dice

Inspired: The Page is a Stage

There are many things to impress us in this world. The tall mountains that defy time herself and that let us stand and witness the shape of our world. From the rolling hills, the blistering deserts, the icy plains and the tropical forest to name but a few of the delights of this world.

There are many things to amaze us in this world. The great winding rivers who challenge the solid rock to block their route to the endless oceans, oceans that can make you dream of far off worlds. The oceans made the early dreamers dream, what could be beyond the impassable ocean, too large and too deep to cross. Of course today’s dreamers need not dream what is on the other side of the tiny oceans, it is but a boat, plane or a television away. But there is a new ocean, one where we may only paddle near the shores of our home.

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Welcome to Inkblots!

Imagination can spill, overflow or be hard to come by but the Inkwell will never run dry.

And we hope it never will here at Inkblots and Typing Spots – a new webzine featuring writing spanning a number of different genres. For its summer launch a bunch of our talented writers have penned a few shorts as part of the monthly half hour challenge, with this month’s theme:  A Piece of Sky.

The aim of the half hour challenge is to write a piece of fiction, non-fiction, script, poem etc in 30 minutes and no more. When our admin team have read through all entries, we select the best ones to go up on here. So if you’re interested you can visit our forum The Inkwell or simply email us at: creativewritinginkwell@hotmail dot com.

And from all of us at Inkblots, enjoy!