Welcome to Inkblots!

Imagination can spill, overflow or be hard to come by but the Inkwell will never run dry.

And we hope it never will here at Inkblots and Typing Spots – a new webzine featuring writing spanning a number of different genres. For its summer launch a bunch of our talented writers have penned a few shorts as part of the monthly half hour challenge, with this month’s theme:  A Piece of Sky.

The aim of the half hour challenge is to write a piece of fiction, non-fiction, script, poem etc in 30 minutes and no more. When our admin team have read through all entries, we select the best ones to go up on here. So if you’re interested you can visit our forum The Inkwell or simply email us at: creativewritinginkwell@hotmail dot com.

And from all of us at Inkblots, enjoy!

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