Short Poetry Spotlight – The Warmth at First Light

Written by Blue-Eyed Devil

Haiku X

The fallen walls crush
All hope and dreams of freedom.
Tomorrow’s bleak dawn.

Haiku XXIV

With one final step,
The warm wind takes me, smiling,
To find peace at last.

Written by Dizzy Dazzle


A glimmer between the trees,
Fresh, catching the morning dew.
Each delicate thread a ray of light,
patterns of a spiders nimble hands.

August’s short poetry spotlight falls on three absolutely sumptuous poems, each of which are delicately balanced in the author’s choice of words and feature a beautiful flow. With sunshine our theme for this month, it’s a fantastic way to showcase some of the best poems from contributors Blue-Eyed Devil and Dizzy Dazzle. From the warmth and morning dew of first light to the very last, all three poems convey great meaning in their short form. If you enjoyed both of their work and would like to view more poetry, please see Blue-Eyed Devil’s “Wake Me When It’s Winter” and Dizzy Dazzle’s “The Humanitarian”. 

Featured Image CC // Glenna Barlow


Written by Rae-Chan

It only takes a spark to ignite a flame.
It only takes a flame to torch a city.
It only takes a spark to set the wheels of change in motion.
So light up the night like a firework,
Send sparks flying through the sky,
Become a mighty phoenix and blaze those that stand in your way,
Ignite the flames, become a burning inferno,
Shower the sparks everywhere.
It only takes one spark to ignite something beautiful.
It only takes one spark.
Be that spark.

A powerful message written simply here from Rae-Chan, but it fills us with such hope and delivers such impact in its short form. Rae-Chan’s best work is often found in succinct little gems of poetry, so we hope you love it just as much as we did. You can check out more of her poetry such as ‘Wings‘ and ‘An Ode to Low Self-Esteem’

Featured Image // Kendra Miller

Little Candle

Written by Blue-Eyed Devil


Little Candle, keep burning bright. Image // Melissa Maples

Little candle, little candle
Burning oh so bright.
Little candle, little candle
Shining in the night.

Little candle, little candle
Kiss me with its mark.
Little candle, little candle
Shields me from the dark.

Little candle, little candle
How fast you fade away.
Little candle, little candle
Please burn just one more day.

Blue-Eyed Devil’s heart-warming short poem ‘Little Candle’ is the perfect piece to close out November’s content. Of course, it suits this month’s theme ‘Light’ to a T, but it also gives way to the season of giving. Whether you read the poem with a sombre tone or one that provides us with hope instead, it’s a lovely piece of poetry from our Haiku hero. If you enjoyed Blue-Eyed Devil’s poem, make sure you check out his superb poetry such as, ‘You’re Home‘ and the ‘Inkblots Poetry Spotlight‘ featuring a number of his smaller poems and Haiku. 

We Listen To The Song

Written by X3naurus


Remember the pink petals, too? Image // Gazeronly

I’d never play music too loud,
just loud enough for us to sing along.
I’d never speak of praise or hatred,
only when my thoughts are held alone.
A girl who sat by me once said she’d
heard the music.

She’d never wish in the night
until a star was born, her eyes closed.
She’d always give a glowing smile
to any dawned and dusked to fear.
A man who passed her by once had
saw the smile.

He’d sometimes stop to think,
just before he’d drown in wonders.
He’d come home to collect his thoughts,
and leave for thoughts to collect.
You looked at him and asked to
share just one.

You remembered a dying light,
but forgot the pink petals underneath.
You always screamed inside your head
when anything you loved was lost.
But I could only play the music for us to
sing along.

Though written a few years back, X3naurus’s lyrics are still a beauty to behold today. Stripped back and subtle, ‘We Listen to the Song’ flourishes on paper, and we can only wonder what it would be like to hear with music. Twinned perfectly with our theme this month, Light, we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did. If you liked X3naurus’s work, you can check out other pieces such as, ‘Minor Wounds‘ and ‘Tame‘.