Little Candle

Written by Blue-Eyed Devil


Little Candle, keep burning bright. Image // Melissa Maples

Little candle, little candle
Burning oh so bright.
Little candle, little candle
Shining in the night.

Little candle, little candle
Kiss me with its mark.
Little candle, little candle
Shields me from the dark.

Little candle, little candle
How fast you fade away.
Little candle, little candle
Please burn just one more day.

Blue-Eyed Devil’s heart-warming short poem ‘Little Candle’ is the perfect piece to close out November’s content. Of course, it suits this month’s theme ‘Light’ to a T, but it also gives way to the season of giving. Whether you read the poem with a sombre tone or one that provides us with hope instead, it’s a lovely piece of poetry from our Haiku hero. If you enjoyed Blue-Eyed Devil’s poem, make sure you check out his superb poetry such as, ‘You’re Home‘ and the ‘Inkblots Poetry Spotlight‘ featuring a number of his smaller poems and Haiku. 

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