Written By Terrestris Veritas

Yesterday you fell.
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Yesterday you fell.

An abnormality. Desperate to create a correlation between gravity and standing still. It failed. The ground broke away in sections of block, brick and chunk; causing you to fall deep down, further from all you knew but closer to purity of an undiscovered aspect. Yet you broke through the sky in fright, towering upwards into a void of deceit and hurt, throwing off the blanket of safety and obliviousness.

Yesterday you fell. Today you hang. 

You fall once more but you’re fearful this time. Fearful of what’s below but you don’t want the sky either. However dangerous the journey down, breaking through the void before you need to would only be for the worst. You wish for solace, you wish for tranquility, and yet you restrict yourself, out of fear. A never-ending stalemate.

Yesterday you fell. Today you hang. Tomorrow you’ll drip.

Now you’ll hang for eternity, always fearful of the drop. You could decide to embrace the bottom but you’ll stop yourself, restrict yourself, because you’ll always be afraid. Soon, because you won’t choose the sky or the drop, you’ll be ripped apart by contrast between both. Sideways for evermore; in here and out there.

The sad thing is, here, it doesn’t even matter.

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  1. […] Written on behalf of the Half Hour Challenge’s theme Servant earlier this year, Terrestris’s piece certainly gives us the chills. Maybe it’s just that last line, or the strange voice of the narrator, but it feels eerie. The servant finally has his freedom, though it may not be how he ever expected to attain it. If you like Terra’s work, feel free to check out ‘Lost in Transit‘ and ‘Umbra‘. […]


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