Short Poetry Spotlight – Duality In The Beginning

Written by Rivers of Tarmac

It falls from my tongue
It slips past my teeth
Not familiar
But safe and warm
Like your hand
So new and worn
In mine

Written by Blue-Eyed Devil 

Sad beauty, stillborn.
The call of despair sweeps out
Slicing souls to shreds.

Raising the concept of duality, these two pieces of poetry lay in stark contrast with one another. Rivers of Tarmac lies in the beginning of something new, it embodies the warmth of a new memory. But Blue-Eyed Devil’s Haiku cuts to the core, delivering a beginning which has come to such an abrupt end. We hope you enjoy both poems and take a moment to think on them. For more of our short poetry selections, you can check out Mattress and Graffiti, and our writers’¬†Haiku Selection.

Featured Image CC // Andre Lima