A Severe Lack of Continuation of an Individual

Written by Doishy

Frankie says Relax, or in this case, Doishy says it. Image Courtesy of wallitup.com

[soundtrack – please play.]

A pristine white wall stood high and mighty within the centre of the sand. Despite its environment it seemed to give out an aura of utter cleanliness with the sun glaring down and reflecting on its surface. This same light caught a small droplet as it floated across the sky, a small dark spot in the air with a small red glow below it due to the light. This droplet’s journey took it to the wall where it hit and scattered itself into, almost, a star of red. This star was soon not alone and the wall become a galaxy of red and white until none of its original colour remained.

Now that we have the scene ladies and gentlemen, I shall turn off the lovely soundtrack that has been playing [music stop] and let you imagine the sound of the chainsaw whirring as it grinds its way through a mans body.
Now let us re-introduce the music but change it a little and with the chainsaw overlayed. Imagine as the mans body is very slowly propelled backwards, the chainsaw blade whirring and as it collides through the ribcage making a bit of a screech. Now the ribs go it pushes forwards, the mans face contorting in a mix of pain and disbelief, until it slowly merges out of his back. This is when the blood truly starts spraying and our little galaxy formed. The blade is removed with a foot to the remains of his stomach to help pull it out. This goes awry however and the blade rips up and out of his shoulders, slicing off part of an ear as it goes.

A moment is spent where the body, no longer a man, drops to the floor under the rain as the chainsaw is held aloft above his assailant. The land of survival, a place where the strong survive, a veritable utopia of carnage. This is not that place. This is where a man failed to survive as another entered his house, broke into his tool-shed and panicked on being found. After this the assailant feels elated. He survived this encounter, yes it was biased but he survived. Soon he will go out and test his survival again, then again and keep going until he survives no longer.

[Music stop.]

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