The Christmas Season

He's not just for Christmas!Image Courtesy of

He’s not just for Christmas!
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So, 2012 is almost over as we welcome the twelfth month into our lives. Home to today’s shopping extravaganza ‘mega monday’, the longest day of the year and a truck load of mince pies, December is upon us whether we like it or not. Usually, us Brits pray for snow to hit and this year it’s definitely likely, with ‘a light flurry’ hitting the northern ski slopes in County Durham and Scotland just yesterday.

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NaNoWriMo November

I think that says it all…
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Hello fellow writers, readers, readers of writers and NaNoWriMo enthusiasts! That’s the big thing, yes the whopper of a challenge, a commitment like no other (though there are ones that match it – Movember anyone?). Yes, it’s November and that can only mean: National Novel Writing Month.

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A new month, a new challenge


As it’s the start of a new month – or shall we say, almost mid-month now – we’ve got a new half hour challenge for our team of writers: Bubbles.

They are simple, playful and fun to catch and burst, so Inkblots thought it would be awesome to have a theme that evokes happiness. Of course and as always, the theme is intended to be taken in any direction the writer wishes, so we may just find a few surprises, whether they are bizarre, sad or uplifting.

Once again, we shall choose three of the best pieces to go up here, so keep your eyes peeled for them in the next couple of weeks.

– Silver, Inkblots Editor

Yayyyy bubbles!!!
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Welcome to Inkblots!

Imagination can spill, overflow or be hard to come by but the Inkwell will never run dry.

And we hope it never will here at Inkblots and Typing Spots – a new webzine featuring writing spanning a number of different genres. For its summer launch a bunch of our talented writers have penned a few shorts as part of the monthly half hour challenge, with this month’s theme:  A Piece of Sky.

The aim of the half hour challenge is to write a piece of fiction, non-fiction, script, poem etc in 30 minutes and no more. When our admin team have read through all entries, we select the best ones to go up on here. So if you’re interested you can visit our forum The Inkwell or simply email us at: creativewritinginkwell@hotmail dot com.

And from all of us at Inkblots, enjoy!