Summer 1943 – An Alexander Short

Written by Dice


A summer breeze. Image // France Today

“Lovely day,” commented Jennifer.

“Yes it is,” agreed Alexander, “and feel that 1943 Summer breeze.”

“1943? That explains the soldiers, and the posters.”

Jennifer and Alexander had travelled through one of the Impossible Room’s many doors to a sunny city square with a green park in the middle. At different points around the square pairs of soldiers were stood chatting. Many of the walls and trees were World War Two propaganda and public information posters, most advising against giving away war secrets: “Keep – mum, she’s not all that dumb”, “Loose lips, sink ships” and “Careless talk costs lives” amongst the most popular.

The two were also dressed the part for the period. Alexander wore a standard grey suit with a white shirt and a tie with a simple stripped pattern, while Jennifer wore a plain long-sleeved blouse and a knee-length skirt.

“We’re in London aren’t we?” asked Jennifer.

“Yes, St James’s Square. And over there is the building we’re after – 31, Norfolk House,” replied Alexander pointing to a large brick building towards one of the square’s corners. It was a grand building, but no grander than any other the other buildings in the square.

“Well, let’s go then.”

“Hang on. We just need to wait… there, you see that window.” The window Alexander was referring to was a few floors up and was opened by a balding middle-aged man wearing a dark suit. “And if you look below that window,” continued Alexander tracing his pointing finger down to a women standing directly under the window looking up. Continue reading →


Written by Doishy

A piece of sky is unique, something that will only ever occur once and, despite certain theories involving infinite monkeys, will never be repeated exactly. The piece is defined by the time, weather, temperature and ultimately any outside effects upon this. It is because of these variables that certain skies and the pieces that make up them are more memorable than others. Each person has their own memorable pieces, perhaps the moonlit night where they first kissed their crush at a young age, the sparkling dawn as they awoke after a heavy night drinking or the sorrowful grey clouds of when they lost a favourite pet. All these pieces have memories attached to them and emotions that help define them.

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