Valentine’s Poetry

Aren’t these just adorable? Might have to buy some ourselves!
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Hey Inkblotters, it’s good ol’ V Day, so here’s what we promised you: one sonnet written by Lilith and one by a little poet named Christina Rossetti, you might have heard of her. We didn’t want to be too cliché and give you the Bard though, but we thought we’d give you some traditionalism with some Lemon Sherbet-ty goodness too.

If you haven’t read of Christina Rossetti’s ‘In an Artist’s Studio’ you are really missing a treat. There’s something truly beautiful about obsessing over art – any form, whether it be literature, music or a painting itself, it is still beautiful in the eye of the creator. So, sit back, enjoy and read between the lines.

And Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Silver

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