Minor Wounds

Written by x3naurus

Memories, all drained in vain…

Few enclose my sight to words
in sync with silence, as night occurs
to send me in a wind of ice.
Light betrays, shadows suffice

Memories, all drained in vain.
Hidden smiles keep me insane.
Not with sight I cannot see,
but watching what’s in front of me.

A simple circle, falling fast;
The seeds inside all watch the past
disappear, and sing with fear
to die in light, and live in tears.

Few enclose my thoughts to work,
where demons play and angels lurk.
This dim-lit home, I feel divine,
but when I leave, I stay in line.

If I fall, I will soar,
and if I live, I won’t ignore
the very few of Martyr’s sins
that kept me in the dying winds.

The lust for fire damns us all.
Dead men possess, and good men crawl;
And as we all feel in our soul,
we are only here to fold.

Few enclose my hands in sleeves
to hide away the scars that bleed.
Not for pain, not for mistake,
only for our soul to take.

And as we march, as we defend,
we cannot stop to see the end.
This is not mine, but it is home,
and I wish to walk alone.

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