Friday Frenzy Winner – Avolet

Written by Doishy

A beautiful day outside a coffee shop...

A beautiful day outside a coffee shop…

I am born and then I die. It is not painful but it the same sweet taste of oblivion that everyone has. This is explained to me quite clearly by a gentleman standing in front of me. He claims to see me every day but I do not recall having ever seen him before. The meeting lasts all of twenty minutes and he finally leaves making sure I have everything I need beforehand. I sit awhile in silence and collect my thoughts for this morning. The sun, starting to reach the heights of midday warms my cheek through the window and I decide to head out to somewhere that isn’t my dusty house.

Outside I notice my house is numbered but think nothing of it, probably some kids playing games with everyone. I stroll along the roads of the area; up hills, over a small bridge and finally come to a green expanse bordered by a few houses. On one end of these dwellings sits a corner shop and I go in. Everything smells good so I buy a few things, some pasties, a sandwich and some hot soup in a cup. After it is all placed she looks at me expectantly. “Yes of course, sorry.” I mumble. That gentleman earlier had clearly explained this. I rummage through my pockets for a few seconds until my skin touches paper and I hand it over. This produces the correct response, I get some coins back and I head back out into the light.

I find a nice spot, lay my jacket down to sit on and get on with enjoying my lunch. After finishing the first of the pasties I feel someone staring at me, so I turn to look behind me. To my shock there is a face right behind mine which immediately splits into a grin and falls over. She pushes herself up and looks again at me simply saying “Hey you.” Needless to say I panic. ‘Who is she, does she know me, why, no I know why she knows me and I don’t, that was explained but she looks good and…’ I trail off and realise she has been hearing narrate my own thoughts somewhat. Yeah, I’m definitely panicked.

She sits next to me and steals a bite of my pasty. I don’t know why but I really don’t mind this. In fact I like it a lot. I break the pasty in half and proffer it to her. She smiles again and takes it off me attacking it with gusto. We sit, we eat, she smiles and I find myself doing the same. The sun shines on us and we are happy. It starts to dim and she asks me if I want to come over to hers, I check the time and realise I have to walk back. She asks me where I was yesterday, I dismiss the question and start walking, leaving my jacket. I know it is mine but I hope that tomorrow, well the next day that happens, she will use it to find me.

I get home, don’t bother to eat, listen to the radio and drift off as I fall away I feel tears coming up to my eyes in hope that maybe tomorrow will happy, not the next day. I am born and then I die. It is not painful but it the same sour taste of oblivion that everyone has.


  1. […] Doishy’s piece was inspired by the work he does as a student of science. Mixing chemicals with rhythm and rhyme, Doishy has created a playful, light-hearted poem about the laws of thermodynamics, and how it is completely impossible to reach 100% efficiency. There are lots of elements at play here for sure, period. Hey, don’t blame us for that charming pun! Want to read more of Doishy’s work? Check out Skies and Avolet.  […]


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