Three-minute reads – Haiku II

Ah, that certainly hits the spot.
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Working today and time for another break? Or are you feeling warm and cosy this Sunday afternoon, curled up on the sofa watching Christmas films? Whatever you’re doing, make sure you spare some time for this month’s selection of our three-minute Haiku.

You have a minute to read, a minute to ponder and a minute to decipher for each of them. That’s only nine minutes in total – perfect for a tea break.

Our selection is a little darker this month, but the second does promise snow, just not the one you’d hoped for. 

Written by Blue-Eyed Devil – our very own Haiku Hero.


Rasping lullabies
Whisper promises of sleep
On dead, blood-red leaves.



The cruellest of winds
Tears all the warmth from the world
Under pure, white guise.



Terror holds me tight,
Fingers of fear caress me
Cradled by despair.

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  1. […] Blue-Eyed Devil’s Grimsley shorts began with a simple Half Hour Challenge idea, from then the Grimsley Chronicles were born. Now, our Haiku creator writes interesting scenarios for his character to get into, and most of the time it’s tense in action. There’s definitely a big sense of fear in ‘Not the One who Knocks’, which is exactly what we’re aiming for with this month’s content. If you enjoyed Blue-Eyed Devil’s short HHC, you can check out some of his other work, including Haiku Selections One and Two.  […]


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