The Humanitarian

Written by Dizzy dazzle


Could you do what this woman does? Image courtesy of wikipedia.

The Humanitarian dreams
Not of mansions or swimming pools or plasma TV’s
But the hungry next door
With bread in their hands
And a baby who’s happy, not crying.

The Humanitarian sees
The good and the bad
The right and the wrong
And the things in between
The things that he’ll change, the people he’ll save.

The Humanitarian leads
He treats the poor soldiers of the blood red war fields
The one armed gun man
And the pilot with no legs
He hopes they’ll never fight again.

The Humanitarian believes
That those that are poor, those that are hungry
Those that are frightened, those that are lonely
Will live to see another day
And the Humanitarian smiles.

Simple and with more than a pinch of truth to it, Dizzy’s poem really conveys quite a deep message within. Dizzy has been submitting wonderful poetry for quite some time and I for one hope it continues to be the case.