One Day At A Time


And then let nature take its course. Image // Aaron Gustafson

Written by Ashcloud

A single seed,
One idea, one aim.
One place to go,
One of a Saint’s name.

The seed surfaced,
Gilt in colour,
Green with promise,
Though sick in pallor.

One day it seems
Every leaf has appeared.
Solitary wisps,
Shivering, scared.

Together they grow.
Together they climb.
They bring life to the tree.
And they cherish their time.

Each bud has blossomed
To the chime of their clock.
Now a niggling sound rings,
in the ear of the flock.

The fruit is gone.
A new seed sown.
Never again,
To be on your own.

We are the leaves.
We must say goodbye.
We must leave the tree,
But if we all try,
Just like the leaves,
We’ll meet again.

And just like the leaves,
We’ll still be friends.

New contributor Ashcloud’s “One Day At A Time” really captures the essence of nature, and how a plant cannot survive without its core body. In a similar vein, Ashcloud’s inspiration for the poem came from finishing secondary school and knowing that life will change. But without all those friendly seeds on her journey, she may have survived, but it wouldn’t have given her the experience she will remember. The poem was also chosen to be read out at her school’s graduation, so congratulations are certainly in order! 

Monthly Editorial: Festival Season Kicks Off In Style With June’s Content


Rainforest World Music Festival, Borneo Image //

Hey Inkblotters!

Here in the UK, we’re well-known for our rainy days, nights, weekends and months. Many, if not all, of you will have heard of April’s Showers, but what about Monsoon June? About four or five years ago, many parts of the UK were hit with torrential downpours, resulting in flooded homes and a lot of disgruntled and upset home-owners during this month. It was devastating for the people involved, plus it created a substantial headache for the government. Flood guards were put in place and erected over the course of time, but it wasn’t enough to deter the rain in early January. While North America were plagued with sub-zero temperatures, the UK was hit with more flood warnings than we could count. As always, it looks like we’re in for more rain this June, but hopefully we’ll get some of the sizzling hot sunshine too.

With the beginning of June, a whole host of festivals kick-start their “feel-good welly” campaigns. Whether it’s music at Leeds and Glastonbury that rocks your world or the bluesy tunes in Wales, there’s something for everyone. But though music festivals are a big part of the summer, there’s also the folk festivals with ceilidh dancing, as well as the arts and crafts shows to wander around. So, in aid of the festival season, content for June will be under the theme “Free Spirit”.

Due for publication on the 5th is Rae-Chan’s Half Hour Challenge, “Wings” – a simple yet elegant poem on the theme of flight, absolutely gorgeous. Following on from Rae-Chan’s work, we’ve got new poetry from returning contributor Ashcloud on the 8th, with “One Day at a Time”, along with “Messages” from Elanor Rose on the 20th, which I’ve heard is due for publication just before her birthday – fabulously timed! And as always, there are lyrics, short fiction and even more poetry to come this month.

Our theme for the Half Hour Challenge this month comes from our wonderful forum admin Lilith (as per usual) and is titled: Summer Haze. Make sure you check out submissions page in the header above for all the rules and guidelines concerning HHC submissions.

And finally, I just want to thank all our followers for all your likes/comments on our content – our contributors really appreciate it. We recently hit the 600 mark and I, personally, just can’t thank you enough for the support.

Have a great June!

– Silver, Inkblots Editor