Fridge Magnet Poetry


Sometimes you just need a little bit of inspiration. Image //

Written by Lilith

in my dreams
I worship the wind
a whispering sea goddess
her ship a gown of spray
her honey sweet beauty
a blue shadow on a pink moon
she stops men

spring is a storm in my blood
like screaming light by a garden of mist
red roses sing together to the rain music
& rust beneath the summer sky

you crushed me
so run away from our symphony
drive deliriously fast
but sleep still
cry less bitterly
& let life’s chant cool your wanting
after all
no lie is sadder than you

An interesting poem from Lilith, which was entirely inspired by magnetic words you can place on your kitchen fridge. Typically, students will play around with these and come up with the filthiest sentences imaginable, but they can also be used to create free form poetry. Fridge Magnet Poetry concludes our freedom and free-spirited themed month, and what a wonderful poem to close on. If you liked Lilith’s creation, check out some of her crafted short fiction such as, ‘Rain Men‘ and ‘Eliza‘.