Written by x3naurus

You’re telling us, alright!
Image Courtesy of http://www.amountainmomma.com

“My dear child, you are quite impulsive! Let us check these results! Ah, here we are. Teacher’s notes. Ohohohoo! ‘Speaks constantly. Can’t sit still. Makes my hair fall out.’ Not very good, my child! You know what this means?”

“Yes, sir.”

The child looks frantically around the ghost-white room for a split second, when he simply gives in to the psychiatrist’s sundering stare. “Come with me, young one.”

This young boy follows close. He finally snaps out of the sundering submission, whilst his hand is tightly grasped by the psychiatrist, and looks – again – frantically among the hallway. Somehow, the psychiatrist notices this, and stops, twisting his head toward the child.
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