Monthly Editorial – The 12 Days of Yule and December’s Content

Hey Inkblotters!

As we welcome in the final month of 2014, we also say hello to the festive season once again. Though Christmas films seem to be on all year round these days, the season doesn’t quite start until December for me – and I expect it’s the same for most of you. But before this turns into another one of my regular tangents on why Christmas cards are stocked in retail stores from August, or why there’s always one kind of person who puts up their decorations in the middle of October – sad, but true – here’s exactly what we have planned for December’s content.

Given it’s the last month, we wanted to end on a positive note. It’s been a great year for our literary magazine and we wanted to share that with content surrounding the theme ‘hope’. Jumping straight in, then, we have Rae-Chan’s short HHC entry ‘Ignite’ for publication on the 5th, with poetry from Blue-Eyed Devil on the 10th and a gorgeous poem from Ashcloud entitled ‘A Star is Born’ for Christmas Eve. There’s also short fiction incoming from Ricardo and, hopefully, some interesting HHC entries on the 30th too.

This brings me swiftly onto the fabulous Half Hour Challenge theme we’ve got for December. As per tradition, The Inkwell admins run something a little special for members during the festive season. In previous years we’ve had some great entries, so for this year we’re hosting the ’12 days of Yule’. With 12 themes available – all which correlate to Yule or Yuletide – forum members may pick a theme and write their entry, submitting them before the end of the month. For non-members of our forum, feel free to view the themes, here, and choose one of your liking to submit in an email to us – you can find all rules for submissions here.

So that about wraps my little editorial up for this month. Have a wonderful Christmas, and I’ll be back for the new year with lots of sparkly new content to share. Again, to all our readers, followers – whether you’re a new follower or old – and to all our superb contributors thanks for the awesome 2014. 🙂

– Colette (aka Silver), Inkblots Editor

Featured Image // Caitlin Childs