I Walk These Streets

Written by Fuzzyears


It’s a hard slog, at times. Image // Momper Mountainous Landscape (Commons)

I walk these streets most everyday
And all the people look the same
In a world filled with rage
Show me anger
Fierce fists clutching onto air

Well they cut me down and threw me out
‘Cause I didn’t fit in with their crowds
Well they cut me up and left me scarred
On the fringes of my sanity
How could you shelter me out?

This war doesn’t determine who’s right
This war just determines who’s left standing tonight
So place your bets
Place your bets
Cause through my eyes you reap what you sow

On a mountain I sit
Not of gold but of sin
Through the blood I can learn
And on my face is a map of the world

Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter
I’ll tell you what, what matters

Fuzzyears’s song lyrics are a mish-mash of a 30 Seconds to Mars, Globus and Woe is Me song. She says she was inspired to take the idea from her two friends, who had taken different lines from poetry in order to mould a new poem, and did the same with song lyrics. It’s an interesting idea that we’d life to see more of at Inkblots, particularly if you’re lacking in inspiration. Let us know if you enjoyed new contributor Fuzzyears’s lyrical ensemble by leaving a like or comment below. 

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