Do we sometimes like posts that aren’t even worth liking any more? Image // K.Sayer

Written by Elanor Rose


We love through likes

furtive dawn messages

hidden in plain sight

like graffiti on London Bridge

or gum stuck under the seat

you say hello and though

there are no discussions of code

I have learnt to decipher

this open invitation

and most graciously I accept.


Perhaps if we knew God

we’d sing the same hymns

we’d walk the same pace

and we’d always shoot

arrows from the same place

but instead we’re content

to see names side by side

in passing and by chance

letters embraced by

the thrill of the chase.


Elanor Rose’s ‘Messages’ is an interesting poem questioning our daily routines on social networks. You may check your smart phone every morning when you wake and scroll through the latest news on Facebook, Twitter, or the recent photographs of your best friend’s flowers on Instagram. You may like someone’s status, or add them as a friend/follow them on social networks, but do you stop and say hi when walking along the same street? Too often are we like passing ships in the night in stark daylight. But on the flip side, we’re now closer than ever. And Elanor’s poem really hits this nail on the head – and we love it. If you liked Elanor’s poetry, check out some of her others too, such as ‘Sheffield Steel‘ and ‘Video‘. Also, Happy Birthday, Elanor! Have a great day. 

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