Some birds fly solo, other like to stick with family. Image // US Fish and Wildlife Service

Written by Rae-Chan

When I was a child I wanted wings like an angel.
I wanted to fly through the sky like a bird.
Wings grant freedom, something I’d craved for so long.
When I was a child, I wanted wings.
I wanted to fly away from my problems and fears.
I wanted to fly so high into the air that nothing could ever reach me.
I wanted to escape into the clouds where I wouldn’t have to be afraid.
I heard stories about beautiful angels that would watch over and protect me.
But none ever seemed to be there.
I couldn’t wait for my guardian angel to notice me.
I had to make my own wings.
I had to be my own angel.
When I was a child, I wanted wings like an angel.
Now that I’m not, I’ve realized I never needed wings.
I just needed the strength to take the first jump into the sky.
I don’t need wings to fly.I don’t need wings to fly.

I don’t need wings to fly.

What we love about Rae-Chan’s “Wings” is how freedom is represented so wonderfully. While many of us have freedom, children are often trapped by their parents rules, while adults are trapped by society’s rules. We long for the day those wings will be rewarded to us. Yet what we don’t realise is exactly Rae-Chan’s end message; we can fly high without them. If you loved “Wings”, make sure you check out Rae-Chan’s poem, “An Ode to Low Self-Esteem“. 


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