The Tawarkelion


Ankou ‘The Legend of Death’ – his presence is near.

Written by Eruantien 

Within Arachnos does darkness rise
And Ankou shall watch as hope dies
For in his lands his power shall fall
And lo they shall roam, not one but all

No more shall light the dark hold back
And no safety shall be on the track
Five shall leave to tread on wood and stone
With one to pass through fire alone

Now on the fields shall they be arrayed
With the hosts of hate against them played
Arms of steel to their aid shall come
Yet through pain of loss are lips struck dumb

With the Dark in sway the days are long
And arduous without her song
See there, Deaths death at edge of sea
A power lost at base of tree

Oh, now but two they do remain
One lost to hate and one to pain
The bow shall sing at Draco’s fall
Yet t’wards the lordling death still crawls

Now alone in hate she does endure
But can she resist that great allure
Bring back to Light, or condemn to Dark
Her one last act, so fell and stark.

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