It’s the Magic Number


Classic chem lab chat.
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Written by Doishy

If not believing you will see,
We reached 100% efficiency.
Impossible by science but not by me,
Read on and take notes carefully.

In goes thing one; a smelly old gas,
It reacts with thing two
and they have a good laugh.
This makes three things,
of which but one we need,
What we do we the others here you shall see.

Thing three we need, four and five we don’t,
So we send them away to add to something that floats.
They get quite hot and with this heat we burn,
The reaction that causes crank one to turn.

Crank one turns the bowl that holds things three and seven,
Together they merge to form thing eleven.
‘But what about things six to ten?’ you may ask,
They party together in a rather large flask.

This flask forms some heat and some pressure,
Which helps boil some water and make tea for my pleasure.
The product formed from this flask full of stuff,
Is used to make something rather rough.

This rough stuff is placed in the bowl,
After seven has gone eleven taken its toll.
So stuff and eleven finally make,
The reason for this reactions sake.

So what have we made no one quite cares,
Some would say we are mad as march hares.
But the thing we achieved barring making some tea,
Is to reach the impossible 100% efficiency.

Doishy’s piece was inspired by the work he does as a student of science. Mixing chemicals with rhythm and rhyme, Doishy has created a playful, light-hearted poem about the laws of thermodynamics, and how it is completely impossible to reach 100% efficiency. There are lots of elements at play here for sure, period. Hey, don’t blame us for that charming pun! Want to read more of Doishy’s work? Check out Skies and Avolet