I Am The Night


Does it know us, living and breathing as creatures, as humans? Image // Dave Jackson

Written by Juwan Cross

I stare into the night

It stares back

We speak without words

A sense of understanding

A welcoming feeling

A sky I’ve never seen

Presents a familiar feeling

It asks, “Who are you?”

But who am I?

A reflection

I am the night.


New contributor Juwan’s poem really spoke to us. It’s so sparse, yet strangely so close to home, and that’s why we loved it. Maybe you’ve had this very interaction with the night or the moon itself, the stars twinkling, and you wonder just who you are in this incredible universe. We’ve all been there, and we’re all just as scared as each other. Juwan says his inspiration for his piece was via a friend saying he was the opposite of what she expected, a little darker and mysterious. If you liked Juwan’s poem, let us know by leaving a like or a comment in the section below.